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Dani Arranka
Betzaida Ferrer
Chaz Mena


additional cast

Alba Arevalo
Alba L. Arevalo
Christopher Baldovino
Melissa Burley
Eugene Donaldson
Dennis Doulette
Eric Gottlieb
Kimberly Joy Green
Amanda Luter
Mercedes Palomo
Nora S. Smith
Juan Carlos Zaldivar (aka Violenta Flores)


direction, writing, editing and sound design 

Juan Carlos Zaldivar (aka Violenta Flores)


produced by

Juan Carlos Zaldivar (aka Violenta Flores)
Andres Garzas
Eric Gottlieb


cinematography and color timing
Andres Garzas


visual effects by

Gianflavio Gordillo
Derek Drouin


production manager
Mercedes Palomo

production coordinator
Gabriela Serra

production assistant
Cai Thomas

field recording
Ika Santamaria


stock footage from

Library of Congress, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division
Pond 5
Prelinger Archives
Weather Video HD TV


original music by

The Anthropologists of Nosy Mangabe

additional music by

Jorge Gomez Abrante
Eric Gottlieb


Written by Andres Ramos and Produced by John Janigan-Mills.  
Andres Ramos:  Composition and Lyrics, Ukulele, and Piano
John Janigan:  Production, Bass, Drums, and Glockenspiel
Lily Lyons:  Violin
Kaitlin Pelkey:  Vocals and Glockenspiel
Ricardo Borsatto Faria:  Guitar

Written by Andres Ramos Produced by Rodrigo Delgado
Engineered by Rodrigo Delgado

Kaitlin Pelkey: Vocals and Bells
Virginia de las Pozas: Vocals
Charles Salgado-Gouker: Guitar
Andres Ramos: Ukulele and Keyboards
Manny Ramos: Violin
Gonzalo Flores: Viola
Stephanie Jaimes: Cello

Music written by Andres Ramos
Lyrics written by Max Landis
Produced by Rodrigo Delgado
Engineered by Rodrigo Delgado
Co-Engineered by Ricky Campos
at Poppy Seed Records, Key Biscayne, Florida during February 2012.
Additional recording: The Mesko Residence, Pinecrest Miami; Kennedy Park, Coconut Grove, Florida; Lavi and Rose, Coral Gables, Florida.

Andres Ramos: Ukulele and Bells
Kaitlin Fremont Pelkey: Vocals
Charles Gouker: Guitar
Rodrigo Delgado: Bass
Daniel Mesko: Trombone and Percussion
Ariel Lavi: Drum Kit
Dexter Callender III: Clarinet

The Smiths
written by  Morrissey and Johnny Marr
Kaitlin Fremont Pelkey: Vocals 
Andres Ramos: Synth


special thanks

John Athanason
Mireille Louise Charles
Carol Dickson
Harold Golen
Ambassador Steven J. Green
and Mrs. Dorothea Green
Juraj Kojs
The Honorable Shelley J. Kravitz Judge
he Honorable Rosa I. Rodriguez Judge 
Pamela Eve Martin
Brook McAfee
Staci Pontius
Eunice Sigler
Niki Welge
Graham Winick
Florida Office of Film and Entertainment 
Great Divide Insurance
Miami Filmmakers Collective
Miami Int’l University Inst. of Art and Design
City of Miami Dept of Tourism, Cultural and Economic Development 
Weeki Wachee Springs



Christopher Baldovino
Nicole Betancourt
Susan Karie Braun
Lisa Brunetti
Jennifer Cerami
Jodi Farrell
Polita Glynn
Kimberly Green
Cecil Gresham
Eric Gottlieb
Martha Hancock
Lenge Hong
Susan Lazarus
Mary Luft
Carlos Mena
Jason Nunan
Christina Parish
The PEW Charitable Trusts Employee Matching Gifts Program
Sophia Tsanos
Paget Walker
Avi Weider
David Tietjen Wiener
Jose Zayas


ARTFUL.LY funders

Noemi Aleman
Desireena Almoradie
Alba Arevalo
Shaz Bennett
Maria Bures
Nydia Cabrera
Jorge Gomez
Gia Guglielmo
Maria Pagan
Fernando Rivera-Vega
Bettina Rodriquez Aguilera
Michelle Sague
Ika Santamaria
Nadya Troche
Nilsa Velazquez
Emile Yudkin


additional funding by

Robert Giard Foundation Fellowship
through CLAGS
Center for LGBTQ Studies at
City University of New York

Borscht Corp. Miami, FL, USA 
Made possible by 
a Knight Arts Challenge Grant 
from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Fiscal Agent

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